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This week we started exploring ‘hibernation’. How to creatively introduce this to a group of 1.5-3 year olds was interesting in itself. We started by talking about the change in weather and how all the food that some animals eat is not available.

I made these visual aids to add interest,  and the children were very much taken in by this.




Following this we spoke about how animals could possibly hide from the weather until it passes. Just like we see in the visual aid, the animals are tucked away in little hide outs.

We will be continuing with this topic, focusing mainly on the hedgehog. How he collects food and finds a good sleeping place.

Hand Printing

Today we continued with the Hungry Caterpillar. The children did hand print art, which is a great sensory activity. I find that most children starting at the nursery are initially hesitant to get messy and have their hands painted, but after some time they come to enjoy the texture. Exploring new textures is an essential part of sensory integration for young children.

Lost Pieces Collage

Today we worked on our lost pieces collage. The children have been sorting through puzzles and collecting all missing pieces that have no ‘home’, and today they made a huge collage of all they found. This exercise is a fun sticking activity but also the beginning of a gradual closing of the nursery, and preparation for saying our goodbyes to each other, as well as the environment.