Book of the week

This week we have been learning about healthy foods and looking particularly at Carrots. To reinforce this topic we have been reading the beautiful book by Ruth Krauss called The Carrot Seed.

I have added a link below to a reading of this story. It maybe be nice to sit with your child and listen to this together as a way of reinforcing learning and sharing the experience.

Happy Reading!


Book Week

Thank you to Nogali, Liad’s aunty, for initiating book week for us. The children very much enjoyed the telling of the popular story, Mits Petel, and we look forward to more visits from moms, dads and family members during this week. Reading and story telling is a vital element to a child’s understanding of their world. I am extremely enthusiastic about book initiatives such as this, as children learn to love books through our example. They are all very excited to have their own family representative coming to the nursery to tell a story – so thank you for your time and support.

National Book Week

This week at the nursery we are celebrating National Book Week. Each day we are having a parent visit with us for a story telling. Today started with a beautiful story, Gan Gurim, read by Yafit, mother of Tomer. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us, the children enjoyed it so very much.

We look for to the rest of the week of story telling.

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Hungry Caterpillar is a favorite children’s story which we have been reading the past week. It tells of the beautiful life cycle of the butterfly. New words include stages of development, days of the week and food types. We also played with art textures, and role played moving from caterpillar to butterfly.

















I sincerely marvel at their ability to concentrate, despite being a new language, to absorb the information and take pride and enjoyment in using the language. The key is never to underestimate the marvelous minds of children. They all excitedly participate in the storytelling, make accurate use of story props, and thoroughly enjoy pointing out which art work belongs to whom 🙂