Learning to sit for circle time

The circle time experience is an early opportunity for children to learn group behavior, including turn taking, listening, expressing ideas, and learning new concepts. This activity is an important stepping stone for formal education and social interactions. Everyday we group together for a story time. The children learn new songs, concepts, and social skills. Here is a beautiful picture of the children, varying in age from a little over one year to two and a half years, sitting for a story with Ayala. The have learnt to sit for the full 45 minutes. They concentrate, respond appropriately, are respectful of the process.




Brown Bear Unit

This week we started our Brown Bear Unit. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a wonderful story by Eric Carle. From this the children learn colors, animals, and story sequence. We began by introducing the characters using flashcards, and playing color games, and today we moved onto reading the book. We will be working through this story for the next two weeks.

brown bear

Pink Tower Lesson

The Pink Tower has a number of objectives. It consists of a 10 wooden cubes varying in size from one centimeter cube. Today we did a mat presentation of the Pink Tower, which is ideally used for children from the age of 3years. The group today was quite a bit younger, but it coincided with our lesson for the day, and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. I firstly did the presentation of how to carry and hold the cubes, and how to build the tower. The children then took turns building it themselves, and learnt how to pack it back in its place. The aim of the pink tower is for the refinement of visual-motor skills as well as voluntary motor movement, and co-ordination and to strengthen hands for writing. It also aims and developing math appropriate language and discrimination of sizes from small to big.