Mixed Ages

Traditionally, classes are made up of children of one age group. The montessori approach to education differs slightly in their grouping. There are obviously positive and negatives to both approach, as with most things in life, but I have found, and research supports the mixing of age groups. The benefits can be seen in that the INTERACTION between the children differing ages creates an environment in which children learn to help and are helped by others, they interact at different ability levels and have been seen to develop an appreciation for their own as well as others skills. WORKING AT THEIR OWN PACE is another positive benefit, as children are not pressurized to move at the pace of the group, but are able to stay and practice until they feel ready to move forward, or as it occurs with others, they are able to move forward without being held back. BUILDING A COMMUNITY, by staying with the same group of children in the same setting, the children develop a sense of community, rather than being moved constantly to a new group for each age. LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER is another important aspect. The montessori classroom does not have a ‘teacher’ figure, but rather adults present to facilitators and guides. The children are encouraged by one another to try new things, and a natural learning occurs through observing one another, and being each othersIMG_20130114_112338

IMG_20130114_114328 teacher.


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