Music with Becky

The montessori approach to education aims to develop aspects of the child’s nature, including body, mind and spirit. Music lessons incorporates all three of these dimensions and is an effective, integrative contribution to the development of the child’s self. The physical activity of music includes moving, singing and playing, which is ignited by mental processes of rhythm and pitch, and aims at impressing an idea of feeling.

The music lessons with Becky are very well tailored to this age group, providing a fun introduction to music, learning pitch and rhythm in a natural, interactive way. The children are completely absorbed in the lesson, and gain confidence and develop the self esteem through their efforts. Becky is wonderful in creating an environment that is non-judgmental, child directed and fun. She provides instruments and props which draw the children into the lesson and provide a visual representation of the music. These classes are a highlight to our week.


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