Babies Day Out

Today the older group had an arranged activity, so we saw it as the perfect opportunity to take a walk with the younger bunch. They thoroughly enjoyed this walk about, and arrived back nicely tired and ready for lunch.


Book of the week

This week we have been learning about healthy foods and looking particularly at Carrots. To reinforce this topic we have been reading the beautiful book by Ruth Krauss called The Carrot Seed.

I have added a link below to a reading of this story. It maybe be nice to sit with your child and listen to this together as a way of reinforcing learning and sharing the experience.

Happy Reading!

Out Walking in the Rainy Weather

With all this rain we simply had to take a gap when the sun showed itself and ventured out in search of puddles. The children really loved this outing and it was not very long until they were all jumping in puddles and wonderfully in touch with nature! We stopped for a small picnic along the way, and returned in time for lunch and a well deserved sleep.