First Art Piece 2012-2013

This is the first art piece we are working on this week with the children. This activity requires them to have their hands painted, which is a great sensory exercise and is a bonding/trust exercise.

The children are always very proud of what they produce, so try make the effort to point out their work and encourage them with positive reinforcement.


First day activities

To begin our year we have been making picture frames, which will be displayed on our ‘welcome door’. The children enjoy seeing these pictures, and reinforces the feeling of home. When you arrive in the morning with your child, you may want to point this out to them and ask them the names of the other children.

Circle Time Song

Hi All, this is the first week of our new year. The children are doing amazingly well, and they are just so special and adorable! They are all sitting very well in our morning circle, and are learning to say good morning, to sit quietly, follow instructions, and learning each others names.

Here are the words to our ‘Tick, Tock’ song so you can encourage them at home:

The clock says, tick tock,
The clock says, tick tock,
The clock says, tick tock,

Its time to say hello.

Hello….(fill in all the children’s names)