Colors Week

This week we have been working on reinforcing colors. Using this color book, the children have been coloring the pages according to the color codes provided, as well as playing related color matching and color searching games, making use of montessori color tablets.


Cheese Making

This is a slightly belated post of the children making cheese for Shavuot. Preparing food is a practical life activity, and a favorite in the montessori environment.From this, children learn self care, order, concentration and attain a sense of independence. Through the sharing of the prepared food, children learn and practice grace and courtesy.

Book Week

Thank you to Nogali, Liad’s aunty, for initiating book week for us. The children very much enjoyed the telling of the popular story, Mits Petel, and we look forward to more visits from moms, dads and family members during this week. Reading and story telling is a vital element to a child’s understanding of their world. I am extremely enthusiastic about book initiatives such as this, as children learn to love books through our example. They are all very excited to have their own family representative coming to the nursery to tell a story – so thank you for your time and support.

Bonfire Night

This past week we had a lovely family bonfire night. In keeping with this, we spoke about fire, and fire safety at the nursery and did a bonfire collage. Collage making is always one of my favorite art activities, they allow for more freedom, with less rigid ideas of what the outcome should be. The sticking works on fine motor skills, while covering the space requires focus and attention to the task.