Jasmine is 3

This week we celebrated Jasmine’s birthday. Jasmine turned 3 years old. She is such a delight. Always full of smiles, singing to herself, and such a gentle nature. Happy Birthday to our little princess. Much love and best wishes from us all.


Making a stove

This week the chidlren have been learning all about Pesach, in preparation for the coming holiday. Despite my absence, the staff have been working hard and creatively, and have kept me updated with all that they have been doing. Here are some lovely photo’s of them making brinks from straw and mud, as part of their stove building project, where they will eventually bake their own matza.


This week we will be learning about and exploring general hygiene. This starts with an introduction to “germs”, asking and answering the question, “what are germs”, looking at where they like to hide, and what we can do to prevent them from spreading. Exercises for this project includes, learning to properly wash hands, brush teeth, and clean nose.

Here are the characters who will be helping in exploring this topic

Literature Project: The Three Little Pigs

This past week we have been working on a literature project. The aim of focusing on a literature project for the duration of a week is to stimulate interest in books and reading. We work on building vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing and art. Each day they worked on creating their own books, which they were all very proud of, and reinforced the learning. A big thank you to Michal Susser for giving of your time and coming to read to the children – the input is always so appreciated by us all.