Learning in Nature

Today we went for a walk with the nursery to a neighbor, who was kind enough to show and talk to us about tortoises. This was a great treat, the children learnt about how these beautiful animals are harmed daily on the road, and the effort made to people to preserve them. After this, we went orange picking, and will be made orange cake tomorrow.


Valentine Week

This week we have been focusing on identifying our feelings, talking about what is important to us and what we are thankful for, identifying the feelings of others and noticing how these are similarly expressed in various cultures. Looking at pictures of families from around the world is important exposure, they learn that differences in how we look doesn’t mean that how we feel is different, and nurtures tolerance. We spoke more specifically about our families, the members of our families and how we can show our love and appreciation for them. This included baking some valentines cookies and making cards.

Learning Practical Life Skills

At a younger age, most of the learning is aimed at growing practical life skills. These are effectively the skills required for independence in ones environment, such as dressing, feeding, cleaning up etc. The younger ones learn from the example of the older group, and are encouraged to join in our activities, trying what they can, and observing.