Leading up to Tubishvat

This week we started our Tubishvat project. As with all our projects we try to incorporate learning about nature, culture, math, geography, and understanding of the world into the subject. To begin with, we have started to build up a Tubishvat garden. This started with the creating of a tree with purple blossoms. The focus on this lesson was on the color purple, and each child counting out 10 blossoms to paint. Counting out and counting are two very different skills. You may find that your child can count up to 20, but when asked to count how many objects are present, they become confused. Sitting with them and practicing counting out to a represented number is a great early math activity. We practice this each week and the improvement is very evident. Not only does it improve on their understanding of quantity, but also builds their recognition of a numbers.

Here we are working at painting our blossoms, these are very small and required fine motor skills, concentration and a great deal of creativity. An added benefit to all ‘messy’ activities is the clean up. Learning to clean up after themselves is a very important life skill. They also learn that it is okay to become messy, to have messy hands can sometimes be distressing, but they learn to enjoy the process of becoming dirty and then having the ability to clean themselves and their environment provides a great source of accomplishment and pride.


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