The Solar System

This week we started learning about the solar system. Today we had a general look at the 9 planets, and spoke about how Astronauts visit out of space to learn more about the planets. They were all very interested in the topic and had a lot of questions. We will be sticking with this topic during the month, so keep updated via the blog and keep reinforcing at home.

Autumn Song

Today we learnt a new song about Autumn. This sung to the tune of ‘I hear thunder’, you can youtube this to get the tune.

Autumn’s here now, Autumn’s here now
Days are short, Days are short,
Birds are flying southwards, birds are flying southwards,
Toes grow cold, toes grow cold.

You can go through the words together with them at home and clarify any words that were not clear for them.

Autumn Colours

Today we reviewed the four seasons, and looked at autumn colours. To illustrate the changes in colour, we looked at some pictures and looked at our own garden. After this we did a fun painting activity, using the colours we spoke of.

The children all really loved this activity. It is very easy to repeat at home, making use of a lettuce washer. It is wonderful for greater motor skills. It is also a good way to demonstrate mixing of colours.