Summer Fun

We are on the last week of the year, which has been spent playing in the water, finishing up on some last bits and pieces of learning, and sharing in a beautiful birthday celebration with lisa (will post later). The children have all loved being in the pool, other than the fun factor, it is also a great social and sensory activity. We spoke about water safty and reinforced our learning about the weather, and the importance of sun protection and care. Turn taking and listening skills were also a focus of this weeks activities.


End of year party

Thank you all for an amazing year, and a beautiful day. Sharing this first year of the nursery with such a special bunch of families has made all that more enjoyable and memorable. We have walked a journey together, and I look forward to the year ahead.

Songs they may be singing at home…

A couple of parents have been asking for song words for the songs there children are coming on with…so,

Roly Poly,

Roly Poly, Roly Poly,

up, up, up,

Roly Poly, Roly Poly,

Down, down, down,

Roly Poly, Roly Poly,

Clap, clap, clap,

Roly Poly, Roly Poly,

Hands behind your back

The second popular one at the moment is…..

Down in the Jungle:

Down in the jungle where nobody goes,

There goes (insert child’s name) washing her clothes,

With a rub-a-dub here and a rub-a-dub there, that’s the way she washes her clothes,

And with a o-a- boogie boogie boogie, o-a- boogie boogie boogie, o-a- boogie boogie boogie,

That’s the way she washes her clothes


Measuring out

This activity was introduced last week and has received a lot of enthusiastic interest from the class. In this activity the children are presented with three rulers of varying length, and three control boards. In a separate basket there is a mixed selection of pipe cleaners, also varying in length. The children select one, measure it against the rulers, and then place it on the relevant control board. This activity was introduced during our morning circle and they returned to it during the day.

Whale Collage

This is a beautiful whale collage we made during the week. Making this collage was a good exercise for developing fine motors skills, required when tearing the paper, as well as the fine skills of sticking. The purpose of the large scale collage was to reinforce the size of the whale in comparison to smaller sea life. To introduce this activity, we read caspion during the morning circle, and spoke about (using visual props) the sea life we have been talking about over the past month. The activity was then set up on the mat and the children were invited to join the activity during the day.