Sink / Float

This is a great summer science activity which introduces new concepts such as weight, density and bouncy and builds second language vocabulary. For this activity I set out a number of objects on trays mark float and sink. We tested a couple of these in a bowl of water during our morning circle. Later we revisited this as a group, trying new objects found in our environment. The activity was then set up for them to try during the day.

On trying new objects, they will make a connection between the objects weight and the outcome of the experiment. They will also learn which materials will float or sink. Finally, they may also notice a rise in water level with denser objects.


Sorting Activity

I have posted a couple of examples of sorting activities, which basically includes the selecting of similar items, grouping them together, and allowing the child to sort them. Through this activity the child’s senses are integrated, and their need to order and classify is being developed. It is important not to impose our adult views on how things should be sorted, here it is important to let the child take the lead and decide on their own categories, whether it be color, shape, size or quantity. Children love this activity.

Rhyme for the week

This weeks rhyme:

1 2 buckle my shoe
3 4 knock on the door
5 6 pick up sticks
7 8 lay them straight
9 10 a BIG fat hen

This is a great rhyme which introduces new words, and also gives the opportunity to practice number recognition as well as counting out. This is practiced during story time, and related activities include putting the flash cards into order, identifying numbers and counting out.


This month we have, and will continue to be learning about summer. Talking about the changes in the seasons, as well as self care, and exploring the life of sea animals. They have been doing related art projects, and learning new words and concepts from a beautiful book called, ‘sharing a shell’. In addition to this we have continued with sequencing and pattern recognition, using the theme of ‘the sea’. These have all been introduced during our morning circle time, and revisited individually during the day.