Preparing for Independence Day

This week we have been talking to the children about ‘the party for Israel’. The story in itself is quite complex, but it is a good opportunity to introduce them to specific items, such as the israel flag, national symbols, songs etc.

Today each child painted a star of David, which reinforced our learning of the flag.


Idan is 2

Today we celebrated Idan’s 2nd birthday. Idan is such a treasure, and it has been a blessing to be a part of his life and watch him grow. Today we send him all our love.

As part of our celebration, the very talented Ayala came to do a storytime for the children. The story today was about a crocodile, and a special lesson in sharing.

Circle time in the Montessori Setting

Cirlce time in the Montessori seting is an important time for children to develop skills in listening, learning new concepts and vocabulary, learning to follow directions, build sense of self and confidence, and learning about being an important part of a community. Some of the many things we do during our circle time includes reading stories, singing songs, playing instruments, and talking about concepts such as weather, time of year, and family activities. The children at the nursery are a a sensitive period for language development, they are open and eager to learn, and so introducing new everyday objects during circle time is a fun way for the children to learn new words.


Today was ORANGE day. As with last weeks RED day, the children came dressed in orange and all our activities where aimed at reinforcing this color. The art activity today involved paint stamping using carrots. As you can probably image, half of the children painted with the carrots, while the other half ate them! We were just happy they were not eating the painted ones.


Today was RED day. Each week we are choosing a new color, the children come dressed in that color for the day, and all our art and activities are related to this color.

Today the children did some string painting.

We also have a small display in the nursery of all red objects. This helps reinforce the color and learning.