Humpty Dumpty

Every week I try to introduce at least one new nursery rhyme in English. This is a great way of learning new vocabulary, and building confidence in trying to speak. Humpty Dumpty has been a particular favorite, where the children each take turns in trying to piece the poor, fallen humpty back together again.


Humpty Dumpty sat of the wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the kings horse, and all the kings men,

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.


Learning some new concepts.

The past few weeks we have been introducing some new language and concepts: In, Out, Big, Small, Tall, Short, Infront, Behind, etc. We have been using a teddy bear prop to help introduce and reinforce these concepts, where the teddy bear is found in various places. We have also played with these concepts within the context of Hannukah, where the children have arranged candles into size order (NOTE: this is the beginning of understanding mathematical concepts). Here are some images of how the children are being introduced to these concepts.













Hannukah Party

Last week we celebrated Hannukah together with our wonderful children and their very special families. It was a beautiful evening, and it was such a joy to watch the children enjoying the time together with their families. We, as teachers, are so privileged to share the lives of these children, even if it is for such a brief time. It is made even more special when we are all able to come together as one little family.

Hannukah Art

Our little classroom is looking beautiful with celebratory art work. Other than the obvious fun fact in engaging in art activities, there are a number of other important benefits. Art activities help to develop a child’s creativity, encourages imaginative thought, enhances problem-solving abilities, and develops cognitive and motor skills. Also, very importantly, art develops a child’s self esteem and sensory awareness. For me, as a play therapist, nurturing sensory awareness in children is key to healthy living. Sensory awareness allows a child, and adults, to discover who they are through sensory experiences, by being awakened to their environment. People with healthy sensory awareness have a better sense of self, and adapt better to change in their environment. So, all the play dough, water play, painting etc, are all part of a healthy diet. For the child ofcourse, it is all just messy fun 🙂