Changes in Nature

Staying with our autumn/winter projects, this week we have been talking about the changes in animal behaviour when winter comes. We chose to look specifically at birds and bears. Starting with the birds we have been very lucky to have seen a large number of birds flying overhead while out in the garden, giving us the opportunity to talk to the children about where the birds are heading. We reinforced with with some pictures of migrating birds, songs, some arts as well as baking bird shaped cookies 🙂

The art projects are such a crucial part of learning as it focuses on a number of areas including motor skills, listening skills, co-operation, expression and language development. Such a simple task such as gluing and sticking pieces of paper onto a bird shape targets all the areas, with the children now asking ‘more glue’ or ‘my turn’. It also gives them a great sense of mastery, as they are so proud of what they have been able to produce and will constantly run back and forth to the art display pointing out their work.















And no project is complete without our Jenny’s input in the kitchen, so following this lesson, all the children filed into the kitchen to make some bird biscuits..


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