What we’ve been up to..

As part of this terms theme, learning about ourselves, this week we have been focusing on parts of our body, particularly looking at the face (so as not to overwhelm them with too many new words). The children have also worked on two little art projects with the aim of reinforcing the learning:








These adorable little self portraits were made from clay, which is always tactiley great fun, and the children took such pride in their creations. It is difficult sometimes to resist the temptation of ‘doing the work for them’ so that they produce something more substantial, but it is very important to us that what the children produce represents their true efforts, and so following this, some of the self portraits were far more abstract or impressionistic in style, but at least they can each call their work their own!

Another fun project are these adorable sock puppets:














We were so excited about these puppets, but unfortunately only lasted 24hrs, and were mercilessly dismatled by busy little fingers during the morning circle time 🙂 However, they served there purpose in reinforcing the subject and were fantastic props for that days story time.



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