Summer School

This is our first year of running a summer school and we have been having a fantastic time! We chose a ‘farm theme’ and have been making/creating and learning about all things farm related.

End of Week Pancakes

We have finished another fabulous week, and have started a soon to be tradition of end of week pancakes. This was such a fun activity, with everyone being able to participate, and enjoy the end product.

Everyone had a turn to put in an ingredient and do some mixing. We also took the opportunity to reinforce the learning from the week, looking at where each ingredient comes from.

Here are some fun looking treats 🙂

And ofcourse, some more experimenting…

Here is what we have been up to

This a fabulous book by Pat Hutchins, called Rosie’s Walk. It is a mostly illustrated book which draws the children into the mischevious attempts of a fox who is out to catch Rosie the hen who is out for a walk through the farm. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this book and have had their curiousity piqued through the animated illustrations.

Here are some fun art projects the children have done, creating a variety of farm animals. The learning was reinforced through picture books and classification cards.

This practical life activity is a threading exercise I have named ‘curly pig tails’.

Sticking with the pig theme, here is another threading activity!

Since we have been learning about all things FARM, I decided to make this apple tree practical life activity.

This ‘learn to draw’ book is aimed at the older age group, with some impressive results 🙂

This Jackson Pollock style painting is a collective piece of art work. On one particular day all the children were in a serious painting mood, so I decided to take all the odd bits and pieces of sploches and create a beautiful abstract piece for our nursery room.

This was also a fun activity, making some ‘wormy’ spagetti!

On top of all this, we have been having a fabulous time out in the sun, water and sand! We have taken a couple of walks in the nearby woods, spied out some chickens (even having the chance to feed them!), and taken a morning picnic in the shade of a beautiful orchard.

And, after all of this you can possibly imagin all the tired bodies at the end of each day…